Kaspersky PLUS License File (Works after 21.03.2024) AUTO RENEWAL


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Jan 1, 2023
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use this
or this to import the file
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The license has been blocked :cry::cry::cry:
It was working this morning and I just received the warning.
If you're here because you suddenly have a subscription problem with any non-free Kaspersky product, don't waste time downloading any license files shared on this forum. Kaspersky is blocking and revoking those subscriptions, and like it or not, this forum is now under active monitoring by Kaspersky. Any newly working licenses shared here will also get blocked eventually. This is the beginning of the end for these shared licenses. The only options right now are;

  • Use the good old trial reset if you don't mind repeating the same every 60 days or so
  • Use Kaspersky Free Antivirus with its limitations
  • Use a different Antivirus altogether
that post and information by: LucasDavies.