Windows 10 Ultimate Tool v2.3 by CHXOFT

Ivan Benisek

Newbie member
Jun 10, 2020
Deploy, tweak, any Windows and Office version, install apps, Kaspersky products, SPEEDTEST, set Remote Desktop optimized policies, Win 11 Fixer, Win 11 EZ Debloater, auto app updater and much more!

This tool is made by myself and I guarantee that in this tool there are ABSOLUTELY NO MALWARE OR ADWARE OR VIRUSES, there are few scripts from “AveYo” and others that can be marked as malware but anyway you are not able to start them until REALTIME PROTECTION IS ENABLED.

Made in PowerShell. It is free for distributing and use!

Works in Windows 10 and above, just start and first time wait to install necessary components, the folder "res" in your User Home directory will be created, whenever you want you can remove all by clicking on Uninstall option. Also, EXECUTABLE file will be unpacked to C:\ProgramData\h\ this you need to remove manually but there is no need, feel free to have antivirus active while running this tool!



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