Security Access Password Get Pro v5.7


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Jan 12, 2020
Access Password Get Pro v5.7


A simple and easy to use software solution designed to help you recover passwords for all the various versions of MS Access database files

Access Password Get Pro is a software utility which provides users with a simple means of recovering their passkeys from MS Access database files, with a minimal amount of effort.
Smooth setup and minimal interface

The installation process you are required to go through is seamless and does not last more than a few seconds, while the GUI you come face to face with presents a minimal and clear-cut appearance. It is comprised only of a ribbon and a pane in which to display the password and the uploaded file. It becomes quite clear that all types of users can learn how to handle it with great ease, be they beginners or highly experienced.

Recovering passwords for the Access database files (*.MDB) All versions of MS Access are supported (including Microsoft Access 97, 2000, 2003)


Unpack, install and run and register.