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The7 v9.5.2 Changelog:
  • Fixed: issue with incorrect line heights in headers fonts on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Fixed: issue with a default box-shadow of posts in masonry widgets in "classic" layout.
  • Fixed: styling issues with WooCommerce price filter.
  • Fixed: issue when the header is totally disabled in the Theme Options, floating header will also be disabled.
  • Fixed: issue with headers missing on archive pages when Elementor templates for archives are not being created.
  • Fixed: issue with NaN values in photo-scroller classes when "lite mode" is enabled in The7 settings.
  • Fixed: issue with first anchor link leading to a wrong place on the page when there is a slideshow in the header and "header below slideshow" option is enabled.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.
The7 Theme 9.5.0 Changelog:
  • New: long-awaited Main Elementor demo! Check it out here: (note that you need to update to v.9.5.0 or above to import it fully.)
  • New: Testimonials Carousel Elementor widget.
  • Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.
The7 9.3.0 changelog:

v.9.3.0 (Oct 17, 2020)

  • New: "Multipurpose carousel" widget for Elementor. Allows to upload/choose arbitrary image/icon; add title, text, and button. Comes with a ton of different layouts and settings
  • Improved: WPML compatibility.
  • Fixed: issue with "wide" posts breaking the mobile layout (number of columns) in the "Blog masonry & grid" element.
  • Fixed: issue with country selector not working in the WooCommerce checkout screen.
  • Fixed: issue with images not loading until the "load more" button is being clicked in the "Media Grid" element.
  • Fixed: issue with the "name/date" and the "asc./desc." ordering not working in standard pagination mode in the "Portfolio" element.
  • Other minor improvements and under-the-hood fixes.
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v.8.7.2 (May 6, 2020)

  • Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1.
  • New demo: Fashion Blog -
  • Improved: FontAwesome updated to v.5.13.0.
  • Improved: icon fonts version (where available) indication added to The > Icons Manager screen.
  • Improved: fields for Custom CSS and JavaScript were enlarged.
  • Improved accessibility: "title" and "alt" attributes added to the lightbox buttons.
  • Fixed: multiple WooCommerce lists with different pagination modes on the same page break each other.
  • Fixed: "pullquote" element affects adjacent elements.
  • Fixed: minor typographic issues in The7 Elementor widgets on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: The7 Elementor widgets styling issues on archive pages.
The7 Theme v8.4.1 Changelog:
Improved: compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.
  • 2. Fixed: issue with header side paddings being doubled if the header is set to "floating" and its layout to "split header".
  • 3. Fixed: the search icon is not visible in IE 11 with a certain setting combination.