VPN Yoga VPN and Other Points Based app Unlimited Points Trick


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Feb 14, 2020
Steps[Video Tutorial is also available,Check below]:

  • At first, install and open Yoga VPN on your phone
  • Then Click on Points And open Invite More Friends
  • Make a note of your Invitation code And remember your current points
  • Make a copy of Yoga VPN apk in your PC
  • And Make sure you have Emulator with Multi Instance support
  • I'm using MeMu and link will be in the Downloads
  • Open up, Multi-MeMu
  • Click New and choose any version you want
  • It takes few seconds to load
  • After it gets loaded, Click on Start and Allow it to load its configurations
  • When loading is finished, Click on X
  • Drag and drop Yoga VPN apk to install
  • Open Yoga VPN app
  • Click on Start Yoga
  • Click on Ok, Start VPN
  • Go to Points
  • Then go to Enter Codes
  • Enter your code that you made a note from your phone
  • Click on Submit to Get Points
  • Click on Get it
  • Voila! Now you got 9000 points on your Yoga VPN in your phone
  • Delete your current instance, And create a new instance again
  • Follow the same procedure And get Unlimited Points
  • After finishing, Force stop the app on your phone And check again in the invite friends to earn section
  • Points would have been updated

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