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Mar 8, 2021



Now Symantec, one of the earliest companies largest producer of software security in the world that sets the software security Norton the company of a great reputation it enjoys. Previously a Antivirus called Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition, also by the company’s offer was development, it did not last long. The other with the name of the Symantec Endpoint Protection is another security products, the company is in two Version, Full and Small Business is published. Version full is one of the top and Anti-Virus Network is considered. Also possible to use a version of the client this program was perfect, no need to crack there.

Features and features, antivirus Symantec Endpoint Protection :

– Environment, simple and fast

– Style of being and use of computer resources

– Has antivirus and powerful firewall

– Security browsers when working with the internet

– Prevent from the influence of programs spy and malware

– Protection of database and base database installed on the server

– Full synchronization with Windows Server, and control the level of permissions

– Ability to determine the computer server and client, and so integrating and becoming automated update

– No need to license and activate in the version of the Client

– Ability to update through a file

– Compatibility with more versions of Windows

Symantec Endpoint Protection Clients Only:​

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