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Oct 23, 2020
Merci pour l'acceptation de mon inscription

J'ai payer une licence de 2 ans dont maintenant elle ne veut plus fonctionner
sur la version: Kaspersky internet security 21
mais qui fonctionnait bien sur la version: Kaspersky internet security 20
donc un gros merci pour licences :)


Thank you for accepting my registration

I paid for a 2 year license which now it no longer wants to operate
on version: Kaspersky internet security 21
but which worked well on the version: Kaspersky internet security 20
so a big thank you for licensing :)
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if the license belong to version 2021 and works there then it should work fine on version 2021 as well .

Please check again or use KRTCLUB to export & import the license file .
Hello thank you for your attention :)
I tested three times and it tells me this:
"The activation code does not apply to this application"
and yet just before migrating to version 21
my key was activated

But I didn't think of testing with KRTCLUB
then I don't know how to import my license
in .LIC format since I can't register it in KIS21
i will take a look, thanks for this lead.

Finally after two clean installations
of version 20 and 21, and use KRTCLUB
my license only works on version 20
in short, I was still able to activate another license
in .LIC format for version 21 that I shared here:
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