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Mar 20, 2024


IObit Uninstaller Pro ( Repack & Portable)
is an uninstaller program for Windows designed to completely remove programs and applications (and more) that are no longer needed (for one reason or another) installed on the operating system.

The application is in many ways superior to the standard Windows tool, and unlike the latter, it does not leave any “tails” of previously installed programs that have been removed, which has a more than beneficial effect on the performance and “health” of the operating system as a whole.

Main features of the program:
  • Uninstalling programs in several ways: regular and batch. The batch method is necessary in cases where you need to remove several programs at once.
  • Support for the forced removal module, which allows you to remove those programs that cannot be removed in the usual way and clear their “traces” in the file system. Also, this module will be able to delete any file or folder, including the system one (for example, the Windows folder - but it is better not to do this, since after this the operating system will not boot).
  • Removing plugins and toolbars in Internet browsers.
  • Reset all settings for a specific browser.
  • File shredder support for “permanently” deleting files and folders. This tool is necessary for those who want to permanently delete personal files from their computer (for example, a database with bank accounts) so that no program can restore them.
  • Support for a log containing the history of deleted programs (name, time, method used and list of deleted files).
  • Create and view recovery points.
Features of the IObit Uninstaller Pro repack:
  1. Installation of the program or unpacking of the portable (PAF) version combined in one distribution package
  2. Does not require registration (Medicines)
  3. Removed advertising, adware modules and other “garbage” typical of IObit programs
  4. Optional installation of IObit Uninstaller Service
  5. Optional integration of the program into the Explorer context menu
  6. Optional integration into Windows Control Panel
  7. Multilingual interface (including Russian)
  8. Picks up the user settings file Main.ini (if located next to the installer)
ATTENTION!!! It is possible that antiviruses may trigger FALSE positives on repack programs
due to the presence of advertising elements in the original version (NOT REPACK)

System requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Install notes:
run setup select portable or full install
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