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Mar 8, 2021

Combines Symantec AntiVirus software with advanced risk protection to provide unparalleled protection against malware on laptops, computers, and servers. This software is a simple antivirus software and has the necessary and integrated protection technologies in one of its management consoles. To see the features of this antivirus, read more…

Features of Symantec Endpoint Protection software:​

- Unit agent and control desk:

This software is a single agent for all Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Network Access Control technologies, which provides an integrated user interface for managing them all. They all follow a single communication method and a system of symantec technologies. It has separate updates to the program and its procedure, and there will be no need for user changes when you install the Symantec Network Access Control program.

  • Supports multiple operating systems
The software currently supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

- Web control desk

This management program creates complete settings for admins. Creating a report and a complete dashboard are the features of this program. Easy management, automatic removal of existing problems, installing new clients and reporting them, managing Windows and Macintosh users from one A similar console is a feature of this software.

Advanced scanning of hazards

“Behavior-based protection” This program protects your computer against all unknown dangers. Unlike exploratory technologies, this type of scan scans both good and dangerous behaviors of unknown programs, which increases the detection rate of malware. Detects malware accurately without the need for adjustments and has a very low error rate.

Advanced Rootkit detection and removal

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides powerful protection against rootkits by VXMS integration. As a result, it allows detailed analysis and repair for the operating system. Detects and removes very complex rootkits, saving time and money for gaming systems Infected is a feature of this application.

- Program control

Allows admins to control access to specific processes, files, and folders for users and applications. Powerful program analysis, process control, file and registry access control, and control of modules and DLLs. are. By doing so, the admin can select a specific activity as suspicious or dangerous activity, which prevents the spread of malware and corruption.

- Control of peripheral devices

Control of peripherals that can be connected to a system and how to use them will be in the hands of the admin. This software locks the end point to prevent communication from drives, CD burners, printers and USB flash drives.

- Symantec Endpoint recovery tool

This tool completely recovers heavily infected systems. This is a Bootable CD that has powerful Symantec malware removal technology. This boot tool runs the computer on its own and without virus, so the malware can easily and Removed with high security.

- Optimized server and user performance

Boot time for optimized users and boot time for applications has also been reduced, which has provided complete protection and better performance for all users and in all environments.

- Safe virtual environment

Usage level includes the option to randomly display statistics when scans or updates are running, and to prevent resource capture and reduce CPU efficiency. In addition, the optimized mono skate of this software includes conscious scaling.

- Professional reporting and analysis

This program now has the Altiris ™ IT protection suite. This tool is a supplement and a traditional Symantec ™ Endpoint Protection development tool that provides you with a multidimensional analysis and powerful graphical reports in a simple dashboard. Slowly



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