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Apr 1, 2020
Dear members,

I thought that I have to share my experience here with you because I'm for sure not the only one who's got/had similar issues.

I changed to Fiber a few years ago, had my 300 MBps, and always paid my bill until I saw an offer of the bill's envelope that gave me the opportunity to pay less money each month with triple speed. But then the sh_e started to hit the fan.

Some technicians came by, installed a new router, welded the wire together and after all, I only had 200 MBps at my PC connected to LAN. The technician's laptop was clear, I saw speeds of 720 to 750 MBps, and the offer was 600.

I started to search for programs that could slow it down, my almost 10-year-old PC with way too many programs made it a real problem to find the culprit.
When I switched Kaspersky Internet security off, the speed doubled but was still under the speed that I should have.

I had a huge fight with Kaspersky because it was so clear to me that the Antivirus slowed it down that much. A technician who took over control of my PC didn't find more than I did and I wasn't happy at all.

I thought that it was time to upgrade to an SSD, even when the HD wasn't that old, a green WD, 1 TB. Then the shock. After installation of the SSD drive, also a 1 TB it turned out that the ordinary hard drive was the problem.

Now after reinstalling all the programs that I need, I get between 720 and 750 MBps. I thought that you guys should be aware of that because other countries have even lower internet speed than Thailand does.

And it might save you a lot of time troubleshooting why your speed isn't as fast as it should. Greetings from Sisaket/Thailand. Mike

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