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Jan 9, 2020
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- The Best Way To Build Your Multipurpose Marketplace With WordPress

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Building a WooCommerce Based Multi Vendor Store is Not Difficult Anymore
According to these stats, running an eCommerce business is the safest & smartest way to earn. So why not be a part of it?​

Why Use Dokan ?
Dokan saves you hundreds of work hours while creating an online marketplace. See some of the many reasons that make it the #1 Open-source Multi Vendor Solution.​


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Dokan Business v2.9.19 Changelog:
  • [fix] Attach vendor id while exporting product variations (Import Export)
  • [fix] Elementor get template filte (Elementor)
  • [fix] Add template overwriting support in product addon module (Product Addon)
  • [fix] Wrong order total in stripe payment for Yen
  • [fix] Geolocation module has api key checking function (Geolocation)
  • [fix] Wildcard shipping for multiple vendor...

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Download Dokan Business v3.0.2 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Free
Changelog of v3.0.2 -> April 20, 2020

  • [new] Vendor Subscription Product Module (WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration)
  • [fix] JS error in backend report abuse page (Report Abuse)
  • [fix] Use proper hook to load Brands functionalities
  • [fix] Retrieve the raw postcode as it was saved to database to get the correct zipcode
  • [fix] Live chat showing fatal error when using with elementor (Elementor)
  • [fix]...

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Download Dokan Business v3.0.8 - Multi Vendor Marketplace
Changelog v3.0.8

  • [fix] Shipping data updater issue fixed
  • [fix] Subscription type product is not in the `Product Type` list

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Download Dokan Business v3.1.4 - Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress Plugin


v3.1.4 Jan 11, 2021
* update: Added disconnect button on dokan admin setting and some issues fixed on vendor analytics
* update: Product add-on module template override does not work
* update: Changed social login sign in URL from dokan_reg to vendor_social_reg on query param
* fix: Import option allows vendors to create categories
* fix: If admin commission for...


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