Duplicator Pro WordPress Site Migration & Backup Plugin

Nulled Duplicator Pro WordPress Site Migration & Backup Plugin v3.8.9.1

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Download Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin. Download Duplicator Pro Nulled WordPress Migration Plugin free.

Download Duplicator Pro WordPress Site Migration & Backup Plugin.Download Duplicator Pro Nulled Free.
Scheduled Backups
Back up now or schedule it. Recover from failures within minutes.​
Move WordPress With Ease
1. Bundle your site into a package.
2. Copy package to new host/domain.
3. Browse to the installer wizard.​
Cloud Backups
Back up to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Amazon S3 for safe storage.​

Multisite Support
Besides standard single sites, Duplicator Pro supports multisite network backup & migration. You can even install a subsite as a standalone site!​
Large Site Support
The overhauled package engine is faster and works better with larger sites. Confirmed migration of a 100GB site!​
Backup Limits
Limit your number of stored backups so you don't fill up your cloud storage with previous backups.​
Filter Data
Filter only the directories, files, extensions and database tables you want to backup.​
Auto Database Creation
Easily select existing cPanel databases & users or create new ones without ever leaving the installer.​
Overwrite Live Sites
Install your backed up or migrated site to an empty location or over an existing site - including one click WordPress sites for a mega-fast install!​
Single File Packages
Duplicator Pro bundles your site into a single archive unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are hard to manage.​
Large Database Support
The ability to manually import a SQL file means very large databases are now supported.​
Email Notifications
Know immediately when Duplicator has issues with a backup, times out or needs some attention.​
Advanced Options
Tons of advanced options to customize your WordPress backup and customize your install.​
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